Ginger Geezy

Geezy is a Black Smoke female. She has the sweetest, most loving personality of all. She loves to sleep with us and lets the kids carry her all over. 

AlinKiss Steffany

Steffany is a Black Smoke female. She is very laid back personality, generally likes to sit back and watch the fun. Her favorite place to sleep in on the corner of our bed or the top of the closet. 


Butterly is a Black Silver Ticked Torbie with White. She is so loving and playful. She is always lounging in the window of the sunroom watching the outdoors. 

Platinum Lily

Lily is a classic black tabby. She is very stealth, and watches everyone from afar. She loves to be pet, but on her terms. When she purrs, it is loud enough to massage your whole body. 

AlinKiss Victoria

Victoria is a Blue Polydactyl. She is the boss most days. She lounges anywhere she feels comfortable, usually in the middle of the floor under your feet. Her giant paws keep everyone at bay, as she can take them all out playing with just one paw.