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Kitten Contract


We offer a health guarantee as part of the contract and in order for the guarantee to remain intact the kitten must be examined by your vet within 72 hours of leaving our home.

All our breeding cats are DNA tested for HCM, SMA, and PKD to be sure we do not pair any cats together as carriers. 


The breeder guarantees the kitten to be healthy at the time of the sale (to the best of our knowledge).  Kittens free of infections, internal & external parasites, ear mites, fleas. This guarantee is valid for 14 days from date of purchase.


The breeder recommends the buyer take the kitten to their veterinarian (at buyers expense) within the first 72 hours for their own satisfaction and protection. If the vet feels that the animal is ill and that the illness was present prior to sale, the breeder should be contacted at once, before any major treatment is begun (except in an emergency situation). The breeder will upon receiving a receipt of a statement from the examining vet that the illness was present prior to sale pay the cost of the medical treatment up to the purchase price of the animal.

If the kitten should ever pass away from a problem present prior to sale an proven by a necropsy done by a licensed veterinarian, the buyer must present a copy to the breeder. The breeder will either replace the animal with one of equal quality, or refund the buyer half of the sale price. (Necropsy must have description of animal with pictures to prove identification).   

The total liability of the breeder shall in no case exceed the purchase price listed in this contract.

The breeder guarantees against the death of the kitten due to genetic defects of SMA, PKD, HCM for one year from the date of purchase (FeLV, FIV, and FIP are not genetic and specifically excluded).


The breeder will always accept back the kitten back if circumstances of life change for the buyer with no obligation to refund the buyer.


The kitten must be spayed/neutered within 8 months of adoption. Proof of said spay/neuter must be sent to the breeder. Registration papers will be provided once proof is provided to breeder.

If spay/neuter has not taken place the breeder has a right for a full breeder/show price from buyer paid immediately to breeder of $3,000-$6,000 for this kitten. All kittens come with their 1st & 2nd round of shots/worming, and buyer is responsible for getting the rest of the kittens shots/wormings.


Deposits & Balance Owed

Pet kittens require a deposit of $400 at time of hold with a commitment contract. Kittens are reserved on a first application approved & deposit paid basis.

We accept deposits via Venmo or PayPal. Balance owed on kitten is in cash only when buyer picks up kitten or paypal or MoneyGram 24 hours prior to courier pick up.


Pick-up of kittens at 12-16 weeks of age must be arranged by buyer at buyers expense. Buyer needs to pick an option on pick up; at breeders, meeting breeder on route, hiring a courier, or flying in themselves.


Signature (will complete over email)

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