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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect when I get a Finger Lakes Coon?
    We think it's important for kittens to be exposed to everyday life and be around plenty of different sounds. All of our kittens are raised in our home right under our feet along with our children, so the babies get lots of love and attention.
  • Do we sell breeding rights?
    No, not at this time. Each breeding rights kitten will be case by case basis.
  • How much do our kittens cost?
    Our kittens typically cost $1600-$3200. There are many expenses that go into breeding and we are a very small cattery. Breeders have the right to change prices as they deem fit. The kittens are socialized more than they would be in a large scale cattery.
  • Can I come pick out my kitten in person?
    At this time, we are a closed cattery. We raise our kittens in our home, with our children, so safety is our first goal. We take photos, videos and will live chat with you in order to pick out a kitten.
  • Is my kitten a Pedigreed Maine Coon?
    Yes. All Kings and Queens are registered with CFA or TICA. We will register the litter before kittens go home and give you the slip for you to personally register your kitten into the CFA or TICA database for a fee that buyer is responsible for.
  • Are the parents of my kitten health tested?
    Yes! We use Optimal Selection for genetic testing.
  • Does my kitten have to be spayed/neutered?
    Yes. We feel it is in their best interest to be spayed and neutered. We will esn for a discounted fee before they leave the cattery. If you wish you wait until they're a bit older, you will need written varification that your cat was spay/neuter before getting registration papers.
  • When will my kitten receive their exam, vaccinations, and be spayed/neutered?"
    When kittens are about 8 weeks old they will be examined and have their first round of vaccines. At 12 weeks they go back for their second vaccines and rabies.
  • When can my kitten come home?
    Kittens must stay with their mother for a minimum of 12-14 weeks and in some cases up to 16 weeks. This gives them an appropriate timeframe to detach from their mother and to learn how to be a cat. This is also for your kitten's temperament, which is one of the things we really focus on. Please be patient and understand that all of this helps create a smooth transition for you kitten into your family.
  • How often will I get pictures of my kitten?
    I try to take and post photos weekly, but please understand I have a family too and sometimes life gets bus.I will try my best to keep everyone updated, but I will not send photos every day.
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